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Hand Reamer

Name : Hand Reamer

Brand : Magafor

Category : Reamer

Catalog :
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Hand Reamer high speed steel available in metric and inch sizes.

Relate Products : Miniature Reamer
Miniature reamer start with diameter as small as 0.2-0.245mm with a 0,005 mm increment. Their reinforced carbide shank offers a greater stability necessary to these high precision tools.

To order, please refer to Magafor Catalog.
High Precision Reamer
High Precision Reamer for every hole tolerance, the sizes increase by 0.01mm. Made from HSS-E (Cobalt) and Carbide for long tool life and less change in the diameter.

Replace the X with the number you need when ordering.
Straight Flutes Reamer
Straight Flutes machine reamers are great for reaming bronze, cast iron, and brass.
High Helix Reamer
High Helix Reamer with 45° flutes for high speed reaming with smooth hole surface finish.
Reamer For Blind Hole
Right hand spiral + front cut :
• to straighten and to ream primary holes obtained from foundry,
• to machine blind holes,
• to bore perpendicularly stage in step holes.

To order please refer to Magafor Catalog
Long Reach Reamer
Long and Extra Long shank reamer for hard to reach holes.
Standard long reamer available from diameter 1.5 to 50mm.
Sprue Reamer
Sprue Reamer with 3 different taper angle for reaming of nozzles.

Spiral Flute 45° : For universal use.

Straight FLute : With chip breaker design for faultless conical reamed holes.
Hand Taper Pin Reamer
Hand Taper Pin Reamer for hand reaming of tapered holes.

For Taper 2% or 1:50 or 1° 08´
Taper Pin Reamer
Taper Pin Reamer for machine reaming of tapered holes.

For Taper 2% or 1:50 or 1° 08´
Precision Reamer
Precision Machine Reamer for 'Universal Use'. Tolerance m5 with spiral 10° flutes. The increment range is 0.1mm.
Inch Precision Reamer
Inch size Precision Machine Reamer tolerance m5 for H7 holes with spiral 10° flutes.
High Precision Reamer SET
Magafor set of high precision reamers

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